Trendy Beach Wedding Attire For The Groom and Groomsmen

A groom and his groomsmen in trendy beach wedding attire

You’ve decided to have a beach wedding and now you have to choose your beach attire. Whether you are going elegant or casual, you’ll want to find a unique and trendy beach wedding attire for the groom and groomsmen. Where should you begin?

First, you must decide if you desire a more traditional suit and tie apparel or a much more relaxed beach casual feel. Keep in mind, if you are having a Florida beach wedding, even the fall months can be warm. An over heated groom may not be good for morale!

Casual Beach Wedding Attire

With our experience of being on the beach for hundreds of weddings, we would recommend a more casual approach to beach groom attire, not only because we would like our groom to be happy and comfortable, but also because the casual beach attire falls in line with the simplicity of an outdoor destination wedding. Having the groom wear light khaki or beige trousers, a crisp white dress shirt (sleeves rolled up), suspenders and bow tie is a great example. You may want to add a casual-style splash of color into the palette by having the groom and groomsmen wear colored shirts, coordinated with your decor color selection.

Groomsmen wearing casual khahki pants, white shirts and suspenders during a Florida beach wedding in Sarasota. A bridal party wearing casual beach wedding attire during a Florida destination wedding.


If you intend to stick with a more traditional attire, a suit, tie and even a vest are certainly appropriate. However, keep colors and fabrics light, especially for summer beach weddings!

A groom in a light colored suit and tie kissing his bride during a beach wedding in Sarasota Florida A groom dressed in a light colored suit at his beach wedding in Anna Maria Island Florida


Barefoot Beach Wedding

When we see a beach groom and his entourage dressed to the hilt, we can’t wait to see what cool and crazy socks they are wearing! Socks are another way to express style and color. What about a barefoot wedding? Is it advisable for a groom to go barefoot? Of course! It’s a beach wedding after all! By the way, Siesta Key Beach is well known for its powdered-sugar-like beach sand which is the perfect kind of sand for a barefoot beach wedding! So, toes in the sand is a great way to go (with the Bride’s permission, of course!) If the bride vetoes the barefoot wedding idea but does desire a casual look, we suggest leather loafers or a nice dark brown leather sandal. For a more traditional look, one can’t go wrong with fashionable tan dress shoes.

Fun socks for the groomsmen during a destination beach wedding in Sarasota Florida A light colored suit with tan dress shoes are a good traditional-style choice for a Florida beach wedding.


Wedding Attire Accents

Whether you decide on a beach casual or a more traditional wedding attire, don’t forget that the groom’s choice of accents can provide a burst of style and really tie together his attire and your chosen wedding decor. The groom and his groomsmen can wear colored silk ties, bow ties, hankies, suspenders and a boutonniere to coordinate with the wedding colors.  There are also endless styles and choices of the groom’s jewelry like cuff-links, watches, bracelets and the very trendy pocket watch.

Groom wears a colored bow tie and boutonniere for his Florida beach wedding. Groomsmen wearing fuchsia ties during a beach wedding in Sarasota Florida.


Finally, if the groom is in the military, he has the option of wearing a full ceremonial dress instead of civilian clothing. This might be his dress whites (in the summer) or dress blues (in the winter).

A groom in military dress at his destination beach wedding in Sarasota Florida.



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